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Mindbody Therapy

My Approach

I offer an integral approach with a compassionate, dynamic and collaborative style. I draw from somatic and holistic perspectives on mental health and wellness, guided by the latest research.

I engage in evidence-based practice for trauma recovery and work with practical mindfulness tools. 

Stress and trauma goes much deeper than the physical and have an impact on our mental and emotional health. 

Somatic therapy can support the mind body in recovering from trauma, anxiety, depression, emotional pain, by supporting the nervous system to process and release symptoms of distress caused by acute or prolonged stress.

The mindbody circuitry is complex, delicate and non linear in its ways to adapt, function and thrive. For detox, stress release, recovery and rejuvenation, this somatic approach consider health as a delicate balance of the body - mind - spirit.

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Somatic therapy

Somatic mind body therapy considers relational attachment injury, between parent and child, as an element of early childhood adversity. Adverse childhood experiences are now recognized as significant components impacting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

It provides a context to recognize and work with the implicit circuitry linking the nervous system, the emotional body and relationship patterns. Somatic psychotherapy promote mental emotional release from trauma, support the body's system to regulate itself and enable the mindbody to adapt and expand it's spectrum of intelligence and vitality.

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What can Somatic therapy do for me?

  • Work to recognize immobilized stress patterns

  • Multi layered understanding of trauma for each individual

  • Engage in releasing stress memories or stored arousal energy

  • Identify triggers for emotional and physical distress

  • Stop burnout and rebuild biological resources

  • Identify resources for negotiating stress with embodiment and mindfulness

  • Explore deeper relaxation and support greater resiliency

  • Improve stress management and expand greater wellness

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Medical Qigong

Medical Qiqong is one branch from the tree of Chinese Medicine. Qigong is the skillful cultivation of life force energy, an ancient holistic approach to health and longevity. It's therapeutic work is based on the body's meridian and channels, an integrative system inclusive of the five elements of fire, water, earth, metal and wood in physiology.

Used for the last five thousands years in the Orient, Qigong support the release of fixed patterns and the increase of circulation in the mindbody system, which can promote the release of accumulated tension, somatic memories, stress, injury or trauma as well as increase the flow of health, vitality and longevity. 

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Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a Japanese healing art whose origins are from an ancient lineage and tradition that originated from the Kojiki the book of ancient records. It's function is to harmonize the body mind and spirit using acu points safety energy locks, which interact with the central nervous system, the emotional body and integrative physiology.


The use of therapeutic touch can balance the bioelectrical field of the mindbody and stimulate organ vital functions, while the nervous system can be supported to reorganize its coherence, increase repair and enhance adaptive functioning.




Nathalia Gagnon is a Registered Canadian Art Therapist and certified somatic psychotherapist, specialized in working with integral mental health and psychedelic integration.


She completed a bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University, 2006 Montreal; a master of Arts in Art Therapy at Whitecliffe College, 2010 New Zealand, as well with the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy, 2012 Victoria, BC.


She has been working with clients recovering from early adverse childhood experiences (ACE) for a decade, using trauma informed, applied polyvagal theory and psychosomatic perspectives of practice.


She shares the vision that human beings should be regarded in all their dimensions : biological, psychosocial, spiritual, ecological rather than only a unilateral view such as in the western medical model. In her continuous quest to better understand integral health and the human potential she certified in becoming a Hatha Yoga instructor 2007, a practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu 2007 and is a candidate of the Master of Medical Qigong 2019, holistic Chinese medicine. She is lifelong student of Plant Medicine traditions, Tai qi, Buddhism and Shamanism.

Training & Experience

Integral Somatic


Contemplative Embodied Psychotherapy, 2022 - Nalanda Institute

Tao of trauma, 2022 - Alaine Duncan

Trauma informed art therapist, 2012-2022

Foundations in MDMA and Psilocybin Safety, Therapeutic Applications & Research, 2021- Psychedelic Support Network

Somatic Attachment Trauma, 2019-2021 - Dr Lisa Mortimore

Psychoanalytic, 2017 - Psychoanalyst John Betts

The Other Client, 2016 - Dr Sandra Weiland PhD R.Psych

Sandplay Therapy, 2015 - Marie José Dhaese, PhD

Relationship Maters, 2014 - Dr Gordon Neufeld, PhD
Art of Attuned Regulation, 2013 - Kim Barthel, OTR

Masters of Arts Art Therapy, 2007-2010

Social and Cultural Psychiatry, 2010 - McGill University

Sandplay therapy, 2008 - ISST

International Society for Sandplay Therapy

Jin Shin Juytsu - Medical Qigong 


TaiQi 2019-2022 - Sifu Eric Tuttle

Qigong 2019-2021 - Lorelei Chang

Traditional Internal Alchemy 2021 - Master Zhongxian Wu

Master of Medical Qigong MMQ 2018-2019 - Dr Noel Taylor

Jin Shin Juytsu 2019 - Wayne Hackett

Medical Qigong Therapist MQT 2017-2018 - Dr Taylor

Jin Shin Juytsu 2017 - Iole Lebensztajn, MD

Medical Qigong Practitioner MQP 2013-2016 - Dr Taylor

Jin Shin Juytsu 2016 - Michael Wenninger

Jin Shin Juytsu 2012 - Ian Harris

Jin Shin Juytsu 2007 - Jed Schwartz

Jin Shin Juytsu 2007 - Anita Willoughby

Jin Shin Juytsu 2006 - Wayne Hackett


Healing Arts 


Plant medicine integration 2006-2022

Sweat lodges 2016-2022

Mentoring 2019-2020 VDY

Buddhist retreats 2016-2017 VDY

Reiki i-ii-iii Master 2008

Hatha Yoga instructor 2007 Sivananda Yoga

Shamanism 2006 - Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Shamanic Sound Healing 2005 - Zacciah Blackburn